Lenten Journey: Day 46 (Saturday, April 15)


There is no gospel reading today

This morning as we conclude our Lenten Journey let us spend some quiet time today just reflecting on our journey and how the path of our feet; our hands; our lips and our hearts and minds have taken us.  This journey has been one that has brought us closer to God and into his presence as we stand today—changed.  It is in his presence that we find that we are loved beyond measure, and we find our true purpose because we are in the center of God’s will.  Sometimes I think that we spend too much time looking back to see what we missed, and looking forward worrying about what is ahead.  Maybe God just wants us to live in His presence—now. 

God is with us, but more, God is within us.  Let us dwell for a moment on God’s life-giving presence in our body, in our mind, in our heart, as we are here, right now. 

This journey is just the beginning of new life, new understanding, and a new and refreshed purpose for each of us.  It is a journey that has to continue, but as we continue may we always be reminded of the Cross and may we always keep our eyes on Jesus

Prayer—Lord, continue to transform my heart into a place where you can dwell peacefully,  Never leave me and give me the grace to never separate myself from you because of my sins.  I pray that I will always be reminded that only in you will I find true rest.  Calm the storms in me and satisfy me with your love.  I love you and you are all I need—Amen

Enjoy the journey.