Dynamite Youth:  Our Next Generation

The youth of our church are the next generation.  We understand the importance of teaching them what it means to follow Christ and stand with them as they go out into the world.  Dynamite Youth meets every Wednesday at 6:30 pm and is for kids from 11-17 years. 
We know these years can sometimes be awkward, confusing, and at times, a little lonely.  For that reason, we want to come alongside these kids and help them discover just how loved and valued they are.  We desire to connect them with other awesome kids and help them form meaningful friendships that last.  We also want to help them understand how God has uniquely shaped them to make a difference in this world, not just when they are older, but starting today.
At Dynamite Youth we take God seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously!  We love to have a great time, laugh, and be ourselves.  Along the way, we desire to connect kids to God and each other, and help them to see the amazing, abundant life god has for them!
If you have any questions you can reach our Youth Pastor, Paul Geaglone at 626-617-5062


Mighty Naz Kids

At Mighty Naz KIds we are passionate about kids knowing how loved they are.  Our goal is to provide a fun and interactive program tailored just for children no matter what age and grade to help them know Jesus and grow spiritually as they build meaningful relationships with other children and adults.
Mighty Naz children meet the first and third Wednesday at 6:45 of each month and is for ages 6-11 years. 

As you can see, the youth of the church are very important to us.  We are trying to teach and train up the next generation of leaders of the church.