What do you do when there is nothing you can do?

We are going through a new sermon series at church right now and it is about, what do you do when there is nothing you can do?  Have you ever been in one of those situations or times in your life?  Maybe it was a family issue with a child or a physical issue with your health.  Whatever it is we all seem to go through these times in our life, whether you are in one now, or you will be, because that is the world we live in.

In 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 the Apostle Paul talks about one of these moments in his life.  It is a time where for him it felt like the situation he was in felt like a thorn in his side.  Even the faithful, the ones that are sacrificing their lives for the sake of Christ can go through these times.  Here is what the Apostle Paul said about his…

7 I was given a thorn in my body because of the outstanding revelations I’ve received so that I wouldn’t be conceited. It’s a messenger from Satan sent to torment me so that I wouldn’t be conceited.

8 I pleaded with the Lord three times for it to leave me alone. 9 He said to me, “My grace is enough for you, because power is made perfect in weakness.” So I’ll gladly spend my time bragging about my weaknesses so that Christ’s power can rest on me. 10 Therefore, I’m all right with weaknesses, insults, disasters, harassments, and stressful situations for the sake of Christ, because when I’m weak, then I’m strong.

The Apostle Paul’s first inkling would probably be ours as well to plead to God to take this situation away.  We ask God to fix it or to take it away.  But in this case God didn’t take it away, but instead He  gave the Apostle Paul the grace needed to continue to be used by God.  This is an important insight  because we tend to look for God to change our circumstance, but God wants to change us.  In doing so, he gives us grace and power to work through these circumstances and at the same time it reflects to other that this grace and power isn’t from us, but from God.

So, maybe like the Apostle Paul we should rest in our circumstance and continue to stay faithful to God and serving Him how ever we can to show others the power, strength and grace that come’s from God can be there’s also.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to reach someone for Christ through the circumstance and weakness you are in now? 

Let’s stay faithful to God knowing that He loves us and cares for us like nobody else could.  Trust that He has your best interest, that He knows what He is doing, and that He will give you whatever you need to get through what you are going through today.